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A new client portal to enable customers on their water use

SWDE (Société Wallonne des Eaux) is the main public company for the production and distribution of drinking water in the Walloon Region in Belgium.

Our challenge

SWDE needed a new client portal that would enable customers to see and monitor their water use

1,2 M unique visitors

Solutions for SWDE

With Drupal Solution, the new portal got a more than enthusiastic reception from SWDE's customers. With a responsive design and available in 4 languages, it has led to more than 250,000 customer accounts being created and 1.2 million unique visitors in less than a year, or our visitors doubled. We redesigned their webportal for the part 'MySpace' so the client could follow his consumption and invoices. The client was also able to easily contact SDWE for a question but also to plan a intervention.

The result

Société Wallonne des Eaux wanted to overhaul its web platform to facilitate communication with its customers. This system addresses several challenges:

  • Increase productivity while relieving customer service
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering more services
  • Modernise its image with a portal that has a sleek design and is ergonomic

Thanks to our new website, the information is more accessible, and customers can now do everything online and therefore be much more independent.

"We were won over by the quality of SQLI's accomplishment.They really knew how to meet our expectations. We were very impressed by their unwavering rigour and their professionalism. Our collaboration was excellent. Partners like SQLI are rare."

Isabelle Dykmans Commercial Coordination Director at SWDE

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