[Ebook] Customer experience How to get started?

This ebook aims to help you get started and make customer experience a priority.

It is aimed at B2B and B2C organisations and individuals who want to discover why customer experience is essential in today's businesses.

It defines Customer Experience in detail and outlines expectations from the customer's perspective, while examining its evolution, driven by technology and engaged brands.

It also shows how organisations are managing customer experience internally and presents a practical CX audit methodology that can be tailored to your business.  

Chapter list

Page 3 - Introduction

Page 4 - CX:why is it important?

Page 7 - CX vs price and product

Page 9 - Purpose-driven brands and CX

Page 11 - CX in real life

Page 13 - Handle CX and your organization

Page 18 - The experience audit

Page 22 - Conclusion