[Webinar] Product Information Management

Is your product information gathered in numerous external systems? Is there a lack of efficiency and consistency in structuring and distributing the information to all your different sales channels? PIM is your solution!

The Product Information Management (PIM) system will help you to collect, enrich and structure your data to the right products and distribute it automatically to your catalog, stores, e-commerce, mobile applications...​

During our webinar on the 31st of March from 12pm until 1pm, our SQLI PIM expert will share their insights and benefits of the system with you. That way your company can really come into its own! Next to that, our client ArcelorMittal Construction will reveal ​

  • their experience of implementing a PIM as a collaborative tool​
  • How PIM contributed to improve cross-selling, integration of new acquisitions, and costs of a fast-growing group​
  • How SQLI helped them to tackle the complexity of set-up and user resistance within the organization
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securing highest quality

Curious what PIM can do for you? We can already tell you the struggle with data gathered in all different departments will be over thanks to a streamlined internal process. If that wasn't enough, you'll also achieve a faster time-to-market and automatic distribution of correct data in a consistent way, securing highest quality.​ ​

The goal?​ Grow your business, expand your markets and take new opportunities.



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