[Webinar] Discover 8 CRM Trends for 2024 you don’t want to miss​

CRM comes with its own particular trends for 2024, and we wouldn’t be an international SAP reference if we weren’t willing to share the knowledge and expertise. Learn how you can improve on your CRM experience in 2024 by attending our useful webinar where we explain all. So, click to register down below and we’ll virtually see you on 23 February!

What can you expect from our webinar on CRM Trends?

  • 8 CRM Trends for 2024, including (but not limited to): ​
    • AI and its CRM uses and evolutions​
    • How to benefit more from your existing CRM tools​

    • How to increase the integration of your tools to improve business collaboration​

    • How SAP is responding to these trends​

    • And more​

  • Q&A with certified CRM experts
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  • Date 23rd February 2024
  • Time 9AM - 10AM
  • Location Online

Winter is for spotting trends, and it is no different for our CRM experts at SQLI. They have made a concise list of 8 trends in CRM that you don’t want to miss. Including but not limited to: how can and will you use AI and machine-learning? Our colleagues cannot wait to share their insights, and how SAP is responding to these trends. Already have CRM tools and you want to optimize and increase their efficiency? We can already give you some pointers on how to proceed, and if you need extra information, our experts will be glad to help.  ​

So join us for an instructive webinar on how you can improve your CRM. We'll see you online!