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Roche Diagnostics launches its mobile strategy

The market leader in in-vitro diagnostics backs SQLI's two- pronged - technological and professional - expertise in the field of mobile devices to create a range of iPad apps.

Directly in line with its resolutely innovation-based market position, Roche Diagnostics – the world number 1 in in-vitro diagnostics - was looking to revise its sales strategy by providing its sales force with tools for promoting its products and services that were at once both original and effective. So SQLI was allotted the task of implementing its mobile strategy, already apparent through its 6 initial iPad applications brought together in a “Roche Store”.

Objectives: to reflect Roche Diagnotics' innovation-based founding values

Looking to get the best from advanced technologies and the associated new applications, the company wished to reinvent its sales strategy by equipping its sales force with a user-friendly and effective medium. In so doing it had a three-pronged objective:

  • To promote its pioneering products and services in an original fashion that reflected its image as a resolutely innovatory player;
  • To have access to an ultra-responsive campaign tool (as opposed to an exhaustive catalogue) while reducing marketing costs;
  • To develop its laboratory equipment programmes which were spread across the whole country.

Our assistance: Centralised sales support apps on the "Roche Store"

SQLI brought to bear its additional expertise – in design, ergonomics and development – to produce, on the basis of Roche resources (brochures, videos, 3D animations, etc.), tools for supporting the sale of Roche Diagnostic’s cutting-edge systems such as:

  • Cobas b123: a blood gas analysis system enabling professionals to make treatment decisions in record time;
  • Cobas 4800: a molecular biology analysis system;
  • LigthCycler: a system providing for real-time genotyping (PCR);
  • Ventana: a complete range of automated tissue diagnostics systems, in particular in the field of oncology, that assist professionals with their choice of treatment.

Moreover, SQLI has also implemented the GeoLab App (localisation of laboratories equipped by Roche) and, working in partnership with an American software company, designed a "Roche Store" to facilitate and speed up roll-out to the sales force of all apps envisaged by Roche Diagnostics.

Over and above the sales feature, Roche Diagnostics wanted to provide health professionals with a new technical tool: the BioCardio App. This free App, which is already available through App Store, enables cardiologists and clinicians to interpret

High-Sensitivity Troponin T in the context of suspected coronary syndrome with ease.

Results: true success with users

These apps have been deployed on more than 200 iPads and have been extremely well received by users. The image objective aimed by Roche Diagnostics was fully achieved. These apps also allow Roche Diagnostics to reduce printing costs associated with marketing media whilst retaining totally responsive campaign tools. The brand is not stopping there and is currently working in close collaboration with SQLI on the creation of new Apps.

What our clients say...

In addition to its experience in the field of mobile Apps, tried and tested through numerous testimonials, we chose SQLI for three main reasons: on the one hand, because of the quality of its technological approach, SQLI’s commitment being to development through Adobe AIR which allows Apps to be used on all kinds of tablet other than just iPad without any need to redevelop them; on the other hand, its methodological approach which meant that delivery of Apps meeting the standards of our company could be guaranteed whilst maintaining strict adherence to timescales and budgets. Lastly, the SQLI team was able to demonstrate its complete understanding of the professional challenges we face”, Eudes DE VILLIERS, the Diagnostics Communications Manager for Roche Diagnostics France.

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