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Kis Photo-Me gets ITS b-to-b e-commerce platform

In a market environment which is highly competitive, KIS – a world leader in the design, production and distribution of professional photographic equipment – wanted to set up a BtoB e-Commerce platform.

Objectives: a sound business strategy

Twin objective for the BtoB e-Commerce platform:

  • To modernise and strengthen the KIS brand image through a site that would be user-friendly, efficient, as well as totally integrated within its IT System, and offer a wide range of consumable products to photographers/distributors, thereby showcasing the brand’s focus on innovation (KIS is the R&D centre for the Photo-Me Group);
  • To develop a new business dynamic by offering brand new products and services to existing and prospective customers through this sales channel and by enabling sales staff to spend less time on managing repetitive processes so that they can focus on high added-value activities.

Our assistance: A BtoB e-Commerce platform built in 3 month

SQLI designed the “Packgento” which is a solution making it possible to implement e-Commerce projects with Magento more rapidly. SQLI used this packaged solution as well as a dedicated project management methodology as a basis for building this B-to-B e-Commerce platform in 3 months.
The site provides users with access to their own personal area, which contains their personal details along with their order history and special rates.

The result: genuine satisfaction for the Kis teams and end users

The BtoB e-Commerce platform dovetails perfectly with the strategic issues facing KIS, while winning over its distributors. The first results that have come in are indeed very promising:

  • Almost all customers have started using it (80% of customers have gone over to using the website)
  • A significant increase in the sales of consumables with extra sales amounting to several thousand euros recorded in the first few days
  • End users see that they save a considerable amount of time when ordering consumables
  • Greatly increased productivity for the KIS teams who can now concentrate on activities that create more value
  • A way of attracting new customers

What our clients say...

« Up until now, our customers would use the traditional method of placing their orders (catalogue / telephone / post); established habits which were hard to break, as every customer knew exactly who he or she would be dealing with and vice-versa. Despite an environment seemingly resistant to change, our new sales channel has been an undeniable success and today the majority of our customers have made the switch and our sales are up sharply. So what do we put this success down to? Well, it’s quite simply a website that works well, is reliable and easy to use. What’s more, the project we’ve been working on with SQLI has proved to be extremely beneficial in so far as it has encouraged us to ask ourselves the right questions, and to review and optimise our organisation and the way we work. So in this sense, it’s been very constructive for us », François Ottmann, KIS.

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