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Alptis "c-mon-assurance" sur iPhone


iPhone application "c-ma-santé" made by Sqli Agency

Alpis, « favorite health insurance for French people »*, stakes on mobility to simplify life consumer about insurance and relies on SQLI expertise on technologies and innovating process.

Objectives: service qualities and keeps leading the market

The application for Iphone and iPod Touch « c-ma-santé » offers users facilities in calculating the amount of social security refunds for their health expenses.
No surprises thanks to this easy and useful app, before going to the optician, doctor or dentist, this app displays in real time social safety refunds and personal amount. « c-ma-santé » also enables to choose a mutual insurance company and have a quick quotation.
With this iPhone app launching, Alpis increases its willpower to reinforce service qualities and keeps leading the market. App upgrading will allow Apple smartphone consumers to benefit from new exclusive services for a simple life.

Our assistance: a dedicate center for mobile strategy and design app

Alpis chose to rely on Sqli Agency for this app design an implementation. Sqli actually has a dedicate center for mobile strategy and design app (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Android). This “mobility and new medium” center is only made up of experts and is designed to extract the best from new technologies and new mobile uses (iPhone, Netbook, multitouch screen...).

A rewarded mobile application!

  • "Trophée de l'Assurance Innovation 2010"
  • "Trophée e-Commerce 2010"

What our clients says...

"This app has been designed in continuity with our website “c-mon-assurance.com”, build up in collaboration with Sqli. The high quality of relationship between our teams enabled us to expand this app in 2 months, the quickness of making was for me a key factor of the success of this project" points out Marie Content, General Manager, c-mon-assurance

Please visit the AppStore from your Iphone and enter the key word « Alptis » or « c-ma-santé » to download the free app.

*according to www.opinion-assurances.fr

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