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3 January 2011 Groupama releases the « Groupama toujours là » iPhone application

Groupama logo SQLI and Avencall market a new mobile strategy

Groupama steps up to the last customer trends and releases « Groupama toujours là », a mobile app available as a pilot in the 12 Rhône Alpes Auvergne departments that revolutionizes the relationship between the customer-prospect and the insurance. The first Interactive virtual callback Response is born.

A tool that is handy, responsive and free.
In order to give a response to the annoyances of interactive voice response (waiting time far too long and knows after the choice, problems to reach the appropriate talker, unclear options, etc), Groupama and SQLI joined their efforts and skills to conceive a mobile application that would be truly innovative. This handy and free tool is a kind of illustration of the company’s moto: “Groupama, toujours là*” It helps in taking easy any kind of disaster and facilitates the contact between the customer and its insurance contact center agent. It promises “to revolutionize the dialogue between the insurance and its customers”.

From the screen of the iPhone, the user has a fast access to all the services provided by the insurance:
• Quotation request,
• Disaster statement,
• Attestation request,
• Bank,
• Assistance,
• Broken windscreen care,
• Taking of an appointment with a sales representative…

The choice of the right service is made through a visual smartphone app that shows you the actual waiting time needed to reach an agent. If there is no agent available, the customer would be called back free of cost as soon as an agent gets available. The statistics (such as waiting time, etc) are calculated and broadcasted in real time, and this waiting time is respected by the call center.

“The innovation was realized within the schedule… It is now widely appraised by all the professionals. It helps Groupama to create a strong, innovative and lively image of the company. It is a great asset to help us getting through the challenge we are involved in,”said Philippe Vayssac, Pilot of Contact Center, Groupama.

SQLI was chosen to fulfill the mission, because of its availability, its well-known experience of mobility and its dedication to quality and the respect of times. Avencall joined the project because of the opening of its XiVO telephony solution and its compatibility with the Genesys solution (www.genesyslab.com).

“All that shows also one of the strengths of the free software; its ability to be integrated in a pre-existing IT System in order to bring added value to it,” said Bertrand Caron, Associated Director of Avencall.
“All the skills of SQLI were deployed to support Groupama in achieving this project, from the development of user-friendliness and graphics to the engineering of a powerful back end”, said Thierry Carceles, Project Director at SQLI.

A successful online publishing
This Groupama mobile application “Groupama toujours là” announces the beginning of a saga. Published online on early nov. 2010, it records today more than two thousand downloads.
Discover it with the video

You can also download it now in the Apple Store, or by sending a SMS with your iPhone at +33 6 772 000 41

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