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Bank Finance : advice, assistance and guidance

Risk management, cost control, customer relations quality, productivity improvements... Our financial experts will assist you.

Your issues: Control costs whilst maintaining the quality of customer services

The Bank / Finance sector must completely rethink its oversight practices and tools as a result of the current crisis.
Banks in the Euro zone also have to implement European projects (Target 2 Securities, CCBM2…). The main challenge under these circumstances is controlling costs without degrading the quality of customer service. We do this through:

  • a mutualisation orientation involving service centres and sub-contracting linked to IT system developments and tests,
  • a business approach in 'distributor/producer' mode.

Our expertise: improve operational performances

Advice, Assistance to project owner, Assistance to project manager… SQLI Banque-Assurance's aim is to provide added value for its clients and its clients' clients. We intervene in a variety of areas: high street banking, private banking, merchant banking, insurance... Our expertise ?

  • SWIFT payment systems
  • High street banking
  • Risk management
  • Multi-channel banking
  • Bank flows (cash management, trade finance, correspondent banking) …

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Our assistance offers

Strategic offers
Advice - strategy guidance: understanding and helping business departments
Assistance to project owner - operational assistance: standardising and validating needs
Assistance to project manager - technical and IT system assistance: designing, producing and integrating

Offers that correspond to your issues
Workstation: improve productivity in terms of client workload
CRM linked to BI: customer relation management, activity monitoring, reporting…
Mobility: payments and banking on mobile telephones
Master Data Management: managing reference databases to improve data quality

Expert's comments...

Pascal Landemaine

Pascal Landemaine
Bank / Finance Consulting Director

"The complexity of the current situation in the banking sector, the need to make considerable readjustments to organisations and business procedures combined with developments in IT systems create a demand for the complementary one-stop-shop 'Business-Advice-Assistance to project owner-Assistance to project manager' approach that we are able to provide to our clients."

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