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SQLI was created in 1990 and is the partner of reference for businesses and brands in defining, implementing, and managing their digital transformation. Its unique positioning enables it to meet performance challenges in a comprehensive way: business performance (e-commerce, digital & social marketing, mobility, e-communication, etc.), provided by the WAX Interactive brand, and company performance (collaborative company, workstation, solutions for business areas, IS integration, etc.), provided by SQLI Enterprise.

Since 21 July 2000, SQLI is listed on the C Compartment of Euronext in Paris (SQI). The share is eligible for the PEA, PEA-PME and SRD long only.

In late 2013, under the impulse of its CEO, SQLI launched a strategic development plan called Ambition 2016. This plan targets average two-figure annual growth over the period and an operational margin between 8% and 10% at the end of the plan.

In parallel, SQLI has decided to implement a determined return policy for shareholders by combining the payment of dividends and the cancellation of shares.

2000 employees at SQLI

Financial releases

2016 Turnover: 190.8 M€Thursday 09 February 2017

Fourth quarter confirms a year of organic growth throughout 2016 and another increase in order intake.

The fourth quarter of 2016 was a period of very strong growth for SQLI's strategic segments - e-commerce (50%), mobility (50%), web solutions (40%) and experience design (20%) - and the selective management of technical assistance services with an emphasis on margins rather than volumes.

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