As a SAP Platinium Partner, SQLI offers its customers access to a wide range of licenses and management services for solutions such as SAP Customer Experience, S/A HANA, but also SCM, BI and CRM. This partnership enables SQLI experts to get ongoing training on new SAP products.


  • Adobe

    SQLI is an 'Adobe Certified Gold Partner' and established the first and only Adobe® certified Training Centre in France.
    Adobe helps its customers to create, supply and optimise captivating applications and content which enables them to give their communication greater impact and improve their brand and their productivity. With these technologies we transform ordinary interactions into digital experiences with added value, regardless of the type of media and device, in any place at any time. Our Content, Mobility & Traffic expertise relies on the integration of Air, Flex, CQ5 & LiveCycle technologies.


  • IBM Business Partner

    IBM propels the ‘Connections’ social platform, which is halfway between a collaborative portal and a corporate social network. It enables your teams to develop and maintain their network of colleagues and remain in contact with them, react quickly to business opportunities by using available expertise in these networks, and discuss and develop new creative ideas with communities of employees, partners and clients.

    The convergence between Team/Content/Flow is ensured and enables rapid and controlled deployment thanks to an approach which is both modular and packaged. The SQLI teams have developed a unique approach which combines prior definition and scoping, integration within the IS, and assistance when used. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure the alignment of your project with the reality of your business challenges to make the IBM platform a driver of efficient business.

    In terms of mobility, SQLI is an IBM Worklight specialist and was the big winner at the 'IBM Mobile Apps Awards'


  • Microsoft

    SQLI masters and offers Microsoft solutions to meet the needs of business teams, and is at the cutting-edge of developments in CRM Dynamics, Business Intelligence, Sharepoint, Azure and Windows 8.
    SQLI has a very active partnership with the publisher as a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner:
    member of the Virtual TSP Sharepoint 2010 programme, hosting regular conferences and sessions at Techdays, Sharepoint Conference, Ignite 2010 in Paris, TFS Inner Circle, Azure Circle monitoring and publications.

    We offer hundreds of training courses each year with our training institute: Development - Microsoft, Microsoft BI, Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint, Microsoft Systems and networks.
    Our added value: the combination of integration and digital agency know-how.


  • Talend

    Talend is a next-generation leader in cloud and big data integration software that helps companies become data driven by making data more accessible, improving its quality and quickly moving it where it’s needed for real-time decision making. Talend’s open-source, native, and unified integration platform, Data Fabric, enables customers to embrace new innovations and scale to meet the evolving data demands of the business.

    SQLI teamed up with SQLI to develop a portal to access personal data. This portal, with a user-friendly design and adapted to your graphic charter, enables your customers or employees to access their personal data. They can thus interact with this data themselves in accordance with the rights covered by the GDPR: the right to be forgotten, the right of access, the right to rectify and the right to data portability.

  • Proximis

    Proximis, c’est LA solution de (e)commerce unifié et connecté en SaaS pour les marques et enseignes du retail (Zadig & Volaire, Ladurée, Galeries Lafayette, Intersport...). Un objectif : vendre plus et mieux, Online (e-commerce et web-to-store) et Instore (appli vendeurs, e-réservation, click & collect...) !

    En savoir plus 

  • EZ Publish

    With its many references from its major-account and mid-market customers, SQLI is a historic partner of eZ Publish which is known for its proven expertise. eZ Publish is a Norwegian open source, upgradeable and sustainable CMS, and is certainly one of the most comprehensive solutions currently available. With version 5, eZ becomes a complete digital platform which, when combined with marketing tools (Marketing Automation, Analytics, Customisation), makes it possible to support customers beyond simply content management.

    SQLI is now an Advanced Plus Partner and offers a comprehensive range of platform-focused services, from training to implementation projects by way of consulting and deploying the solution to numerous customers such as Danone, Cegid, INEO GDF Suez, Crédit Agricole etc.


  • Mirakl

    Mirakl is the world’s leading publisher of Marketplace solutions. Mirakl uses a large library of APIs which makes integration with the main e-commerce ecosystem solutions easy.

  • Appaloosa

    Appaloosa is a simple & secure business app store solution. Appaloosa helps mobile and digital teams to test, roll out and manage their applications in private stores.

  • Akaneo

    Akeneo is the benchmark Open Source Product Information Management (PIM) solution on the market. It helps more than 40,000 marketing teams daily to take care of their product reference systems.

  • Salesforce commerce cloud

    The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is based on solid experience in the sector and a strong product strategy. The brands which use Commerce Cloud create simple buying experiences on all the channels.

  • Sparkow

    E-merchants have to manage not only aspects of e-merchandising to optimise the display of their products, but also aspects of customer relations management related to behaviour analysis.

    SQLI and Sparkow offer smooth, efficient and rapid customer journeys with the implementation of a solution which can connect to a database of existing products and also manage CRM, e-merchandising and search issues at the same time. The Sparkow search engine calculates the results of the search according to the characteristics of each product and the Internet user's profile in real time.

    The Sparkow "searchandising" solution makes it possible to optimise online navigation and product searches, maximise product merchandising regardless of the channel or the type of equipment chosen (website, Smartphone, multi-touch tablet, social networks etc. ) and facilitate the organisation and management of the web catalogue. It is the searchandising solution which has been selected for our Citadium integration project: www.citadium.com


  • Oracle

    SQLI Enterprise, acteur majeur de la transformation des organisations et des systèmes a noué avec Oracle un partenariat clé. Fort de son ADN User Experience, de sa capacité à innover sur le digital, de ses offres autour de la mobilité et des objets connectés et de son expertise analytics & big data, SQLI Enterprise aide les entreprises et organisations à tirer tout le potentiel des solutions Oracle, et met les usages et technologies au service des métiers.


  • jalios

    The software publisher Jalios proposes a coherent range of modular solutions with next-generation features:  Enterprise Social Network (ESN), collaborative spaces, customized portal, Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Content Management System (CMS).


  • Kalistick

    After three years of convincing use of Kalistick solutions internally, SQLI has become a Kalistick partner and official developer of the Test Booster solution which indicates, with each new software version installed, the tests that need to be carried out or not.

    "We want our customers to benefit from this technology now," explains Frederic Treuil, manager of the SQLI testing factory. "The major accounts are facing the same problems as us: the need to reduce test costs and deadlines, quality requirements in a context where "time-to-market" is increasingly shorter etc. By pairing Kalistick technology with our business expertise in testing, we help our customers to better understand the optimisation of their testing attempts, from unit tests to functional tests."

  • ZEND - The PHP Compagny

    Zend supplies industrial software (IDE, server, framework, etc.) and complementary services (support, expertise, training) to assist development and production teams in completing their PHP projects.

    Since early 2014, SQLI has become a Zend Solutions Partner. Our PHP certified developers have particularly relied on Zend solutions to develop large-scale projects for customers such as La Gendarmerie Nationale or Air Liquide.

  • Digimind

    Digimind, a pure player company and pioneer of competitive intelligence and online reputation management solutions, brought digital reputation solutions to a wider audience in 2007 with the release of software at the cutting-edge of analysis and reputation management - Digimind e-reputation.
    But the implementation of a monitoring system cannot be reduced to an IT project ...

    In keeping with our policy of continuous innovation and value creation for companies that we assist, we complete our offer with Digimind 9 - the complete e-reputation pack. Digimind 9 is highly effective SAAS mode software which, through its capacity to handle significant volumes of information, allows you to quickly identify the start of any rumour about a company, its leaders or its brands and anticipate the development of media crises and offer e-reputation audits thanks to continuous monitoring which is both quantitative and qualitative. Since its launch, this market-leading software has been constantly evolving.
    This partnership combining the performance of the Digimind 9 solution with the consultancy expertise of SQLI suggests great development prospects as SQLI and Digimind are already working together on several major projects.


  • Perceptive Software

    Perceptive Software, a subsidiary of Lexmark International, was established in 1995 and is one of the main publishers of ECM/EDM software and solutions and focuses on the specific business needs of customers - from all business sectors - and the most common areas of inefficiency affecting the key processes for most businesses.

    Based on their speed, flexibility, reliability, upgradeability, and security, the workflow management solutions for document management, document imaging, electronic forms, as well as management of records and information, are now recognised as among the most flexible and reliable on the market.

  • Open Text

    OpenText, a publisher of software solutions and leader in the field of Content Management, helps organisations to manage and enhance their business content.

    We have completed some great projects in the provinces using OpenText. Our 3 recent projects were: Electronic invoices (OpenText used as the documentary database combined with SAP) for a haulage firm; Plan to make all customer records electronic for a software publisher; Quality documentary database for a French airport.


  • Liferay

    Liferay, an open source content management portal, is a collaborative solution which enables users to make their exchanges more dynamic with new practices (wikis, blogs, forums, RSS feeds, etc.) and share documents and diaries in the framework of joint projects. It also promotes knowledge sharing within communities of interest.

    SQLI is a Liferay Gold partner and offers a full service for the platform, from training to project delivery by way of consultancy, implementing the solution for many customers, such as the French Air Force.


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