Chairman's word

Chairman's word

Roland Fitoussi Chairman of the SQLI Board of Directors

The development of the digital in all types of activities confirms exciting perspectives for SQLI.

The innovative & qualitative identity of the Group has been build up by the 2000 experts that are working intensively for dynamic companies to develop omnichannel connected commerce, to enrich their offers with innovative digital services & solutions, to give agility to their organization, to reinforce the customer relationship & to change the relational model (Bank & Insurance).

The most striking element is that all those advances are only steps in a total business model makeover strategy relying on the use of more extended & secure technologies.

Our achievements in those fields for dozens of global brands are the roots of our mobile application European leadership ambition.

With the progressive extension of its geographical territory, SQLI projects to dispose of the coverage of the most dynamic zones for digital activities in Europe.This expansion will go hand in hand with the deepening of necessary expertise for our clients to go through transformation faster and more efficiently than their competitors.

In this context, we hope that the partnership between our teams and our clients will always be more fruitful.

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Financial releases

Acquisition de l'agence digitale CDLXMonday 16 July 2018

SQLI annonce la prise de contrôle de l’agence allemande de stratégie digitale et de design CodeLux (CDLX) basée à Berlin. L’opération est réalisée par le biais d’une prise de participation d’Osudio, filiale de SQLI acquise en 2017 et déjà présente en Allemagne depuis 2005, à hauteur de 51% du capital de CDLX et renforce la présence du Groupe SQLI sur le marché germanique.

Fondée en 2005, l’agence CDLX est reconnue et plusieurs fois primée pour sa capacité à assimiler la culture de la marque de ses clients et à la retranscrire dans le meilleur design associé à des solutions digitales de...


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